KenKen on Martha Stewart Video

KenKen gained a new audience and continued to become a household name last week when the educational puzzle was featured on the Martha Stewart Show as part of the program’s live, one-hour Puzzle Show special.

Admittedly a traditional crossword player, Martha Stewart was introduced to the power and glory of KenKen by the world’s most well known Kenthusiast, New York Times crossword editor Will Shortz. Shortz illustrated to Stewart and the audience the rules of KenKen, as well as introduced some solving strategies as he navigated a large cutout of a 4×4 puzzle.

(Watch the video here)


Before the program began, the television audience was given three KenKen puzzles to complete; the fastest two individuals appearing on set to compete against KenKen veteran Molly Olonoff. Olonoff, the reigning champion of the world’s first KenKen Tournament held last October in Chappaqua, New York, successfully defended her title with ease against the two elder contestants. Considering Olonoff is two years shy from completing her high school education, her repeated display of dominance is a true testament that KenKen knows no age boundaries.

KenKen’s cable television debut was a complete success as it was enjoyed by the show’s host and audience, and numerous positive feedback has been provided from those who viewed it from home. During its appearance, it was evident that those involved understood and appreciated the educational and leisurely value of “the puzzle that makes you smarter!™” There is little doubt KenKen will once again find its way in front of the camera soon.

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KenKen on the Martha Stewart Show

To all Kenthusiasts and puzzle lovers- I have some very exciting news!

On February 22, KenKen will be featured on the Martha Stewart Show during her LIVE, one-hour puzzle special. Guests will include New York Times Crossword Editor and KenKen addict, Will Shortz, who will teach Martha and the audience strategies to solve a KenKen puzzle.

The audience will also have a KenKen competition of their own. The two winners will have the challenge of facing Molly Olonoff, the champion of last year’s KenKen Tournament in Chappaqua, New York. We’ll find out if Molly has what it takes to defend her crown- on live television! There may also be some surprises in store…

So remember to tune in or set your DVR to the Hallmark Channel on Tuesday, February 22, at 10:00 am. Check your cable provider for channel and broadcast information. You don’t want to miss this!

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Cool KenKen Facts #2

Here are some more fun facts about KenKen-

  1. Did you know… “Kashikoku Naru Puzuru” was the original name for KenKen? In Japanese that translates to “It-Makes-You-Smarter Puzzle.”
  2. Did you know… KenKen puzzles range from introductory 3×3 up to complex 9×9?
  3. Did you know… KenKen puzzles are created through an artificial intelligence program called “The Kenerator?”

Every week we will be posting more Cool KenKen Facts, but we want to know what you want to know. What type of potential Cool KenKen Facts interest you? Do you want to know more about KenKen’s educational benefits? Do you want to know more about the people behind the puzzle itself? Ask away, loyal Kenthusiasts! Enter your question in the comment section below or email us at with the subject heading “Cool KenKen Facts.” We will respond to your questions and use them to produce the following edition, which you will receive full credit as the source of inspiration.

If you have any questions about KenKen or any comments that can assist us improve this blog, don’t hesitate to contact us. We appreciate your words!

And remember… KenKen Unto Others

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Cool KenKen Facts #1

Here are some fun facts you may not know about KenKen-

  1. Did you know… 100,000 interactive KenKen games are played online daily?
  2. Did you know… “Ken” means “wisdom” in Japanese? That’s why KenKen is Wisdom (squared).
  3. Did you know… KenKen was first introduced in the United States through Readers Digest in October, 2008?

Hope you enjoyed the first of these little tidbits and keep on the lookout for more Cool KenKen Facts.

And remember… KenKen Unto Others


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KenKen Tournament Video Article, an online publication in Westchester, New York, has recently published an article on the increasing popularity of the KenKen Tournament video (mentioned in the last post). The article details the experience of the three local filmmakers responsible for the footage, and also features insight from many others involved.

It is an excellent read. Check it out!!! KenKen Tournament Video Article

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The World’s First KenKen Tournament

The world’s first KenKen Tournament took place in Westchester, New York this past October! There was an unbelievable turnout and everyone had a blast. Watch the video featuring all three rounds of action, the championship showdown, and commentary by New York Times crossword editor Will Shortz. Enjoy!

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KenKen in Scholastic

So KenKen has finally made its way into one of the most prominant math education magazines in the U.S! Scholastic Math & DynaMath, two magazines that focus on developing the mathematical minds of young children, have begun to include KenKen in the daily grind. It will be used as a fun and challenging way to enhance the learning experience.
You can also find a fun online interactive KenKen game on the scholastic website ( It provides two daily puzzles, one 4×4 KenKen and one 5×5 KenKen. Make sure to check it out in addition to the six daily puzzles at!

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Promoting KenKen to Squirelles!

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Shooting the bossman @ Nextoy LLC

So yesterday I got a package delivered to my house. I knew it would either be the Staples Easy Button, or my USB Missile Launcher. Thankfully, it was the missile launcher. Since the bossman, Mr. Fuhrer, loves toys and novelties, I figured he would be ammused if he got hit with a missile.

I got to work early, set up the launcher, practiced the shot a million times, and set up the hidden camera. The whole plan worked out great, he couldnt see the missile launcher from his seat, couldnt see the camera, I was good to go. He hilariously walked in and starts talking about what we needed to do for the day, meanwhile I was taking careful aim at his face.

I took the shot, and missed slightly right, I dont know what happened. I took another shot and missed far left. After the second shot, which he saw fly past his face, he was onto me.

Tomorrow i’ll throw up the video.

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होमेस्चूल मैथ ब्लोग्स व्

I found the following blogs while searching around for good places for parents to learn about teaching math to their children.

I would like to share with you a great site for parents: It is funny, informative and captivating. Claiming that Life is a Puzzle and we can solve it with numbers, The Math Mom demonstrates how we all use mathematics daily when cooking, shopping, parenting, dating or managing our homes. contains stories, life puzzles and tips fr parents on presenting math to their kids as a toy, a tool and a friend. You can subscribe for a weekly newsletter.

This blog is very similar to TheMathMom. The author is a mother and a teacher, and does a great job combining her personal life with her helpful tips about teaching and math. She works for MathMammoth, a leading website for math curriculum.

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