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Beat These Times!

Benchmarks are always fun to look at, fastest times, longest fingernails, etc. etc. I put together a short list of benchmarks that I like to time myself against while playing KenKen To make it interesting, time yourself against an eyebrow … Continue reading

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Detecting Alzheimer’s Earlier

A team of scientists at University of Kentucky’s College of Medicine conducted research to determine structural differences in the brains of high-risk and low-risk seniors. The causes of Alzheimer’s has been thought to be the decaying of both grey and … Continue reading

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Enhancing Brain Power through Mind Puzzles

KenKen, Crosswords, Sudoku, and other mind puzzles are all over the place, but why? Mind puzzles enhance your brain activity, and make you sharper in many ways. Top reasons why KenKen, and other puzzles, are great for your brain. 1) … Continue reading

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KenKen Classroom

KenKen has a program that focuses on the classroom, ie KenKen Classroom. This program provides teachers with weekly puzzles, age appropriate, to be distributed to their class. We also provide lesson plans each month that fit seamlessly into your day. … Continue reading

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10 Easy Ways To Make Children Smarter

From breast feeding to video games, this top ten list breaks down a bunch of easy ways you can make your child smarter. There are no magic pills or programs involved, just simple, at-home tips for the average parent. As … Continue reading

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KenKen v. Sudoku

Good afternoon people! Just wanted to vent a little bit. Im a pretty normal college student working my summer job trying to spread the about KenKen, but I have found myself getting sucked in. My friends give me s*** for … Continue reading

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KenKen Fathers Day!

Did you guys forget it was fathers day?! Well if you did, you ken get him some awesome kenken games and puzzles to make his mind grow so he can think of ways to make you get him better presents. … Continue reading

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KenKen I Phone App!

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KenKen Press

KenKen is the most popular puzzle craze since Sudoku. It combines the logic of a Sudoku puzzle with arithmetic. You have to add, subtract, multiply and divide to arrive at the numbers given in KenKen puzzle. In KenKen, like Sudoku, … Continue reading

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We are in the process of ideating video commercials about the KenKen puzzle. I am compeltely open to suggestions, I’d rather see humourous ideas but all are welcome. So feel free to post ideas in response to this comment!

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