Monday the great

Good morning monday!

Not much to say about this awesome morning. Its dark and droopy outside, cool and relaxing inside, and nice and boring at my small desk. I have been put on a team of people working to correct the mistakes of last week. Somehow, the solutions to last weeks puzzles (June 6, Sunday NYTimes Mag.) were printed incorrectly, leaving us with the fun filled job of finding out where the hell that puzzle came from. Normally, I can just look up the puzzle and easily find the solution in our database, but noooo, this one had to be so difficult. I blame global warming, and BP. I either have to solve the puzzle myself, (which will take a very long time considering 30+ avid NYTimes readers/KenKen addicts had trouble enough to send emails) or go through the 20,000+ puzzles and find the correct one. Not to sound like I am whining, because I’m pretty sure ill be able to solve the puzzle on my own, but just wanted to let all of you people who aren’t reading this, know that I am doing the best I can to give you the solutions you deserve!

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