KenKen Press

KenKen is the most popular puzzle craze since Sudoku. It combines the logic of a Sudoku puzzle with arithmetic. You have to add, subtract, multiply and divide to arrive at the numbers given in KenKen puzzle.

In KenKen, like Sudoku, there is a grid of 4×4, 6×6, 8×8, or 9×9 cells. Meaning the grid has 16, thirty six, sixty four or 81 cells. The puzzle will truly be even larger, however those are for really advanced solvers. In each types of puzzles, you want to have all the digits in one row. In different words, if a row has 4 cells, like in a sixteen-grid puzzle, you must use the numbers 1-4 in every row, and in each column. No digit could be omitted of row or column, nor may there be duplicates in an exceedingly row or a column……

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