KenKen Fathers Day!

Did you guys forget it was fathers day?! Well if you did, you ken get him some awesome kenken games and puzzles to make his mind grow so he can think of ways to make you get him better presents. Bad sons and daughters. Anyway, fathers day is a bit awkward of time dont you think? There is always a BBQ going on, but as most people know, the man runs the grill. So what if the man this time, feels like lying on his ass doing nothing (since its fathers day)? You’ll end up with a sub par BBQ with no way of getting mad at the dad for not BBQing. So, what you do, obviously, is get your dad some awesome BBQ-ing supplies, so he has to get up off his butt and do some grilling! Its just like when you buy your brother or sister some awesome video game that you clearly want more than they do, just so you can play it when they arent around. Little benefits to yourself never hurt.

Anyway, for our fathers day today, we decided to make lobster rolls. I guess I dont really have that BBQ problem, but im sure some of you guys do. The problem I have is that I don’t like seafood, so im going to end up eating a hot dog, awesome.

Both of our grand fathers are coming around this afternoon as well, to celebrate being the “original” fathers of our family. SO, thinking to make them feel especially old and special, we decorated two throne like chairs in beads and red sheets, and set only their places up to look like royalty. Ill get a picture of that up here after this day is over.

I hope everyone has a great save holiday today!

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One Response to KenKen Fathers Day!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your link is FucTup.And cooking on/at a barbecue (or BBQ) is called GRILLING here in the Midwest USA.What's a "great save holiday"? Is that like Earth Day or Black Friday or something?

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