KenKen v. Sudoku

Good afternoon people!

Just wanted to vent a little bit. Im a pretty normal college student working my summer job trying to spread the about KenKen, but I have found myself getting sucked in. My friends give me s*** for playing KenKens all the time, which makes annoying notifications pop up in their facebook mini-feeds. This obviously ends up in a conversation about “why is KenKen even a cool puzzle to play?” I’m not trying to sell anything here, or make it sound like a commercial, but whenever I have to compare and contrast KenKen to Sudoku I want to blow my brains out. It is completely different than Sudoku, aside from the fact that it looks the same, and has one similar rule to it (no repeating #s in a column or row). What about comparing lacrosse and soccer? Completely different, except the feild the same and has one similar rule (the ball must go in the net to score). Either way, the two are so different, and if anyone agrees with me that it is annoying to try to explain the differences, over and over again, especially to people who don’t have experience with either, stand up and be heard!

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One Response to KenKen v. Sudoku

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think the big difference is that no idiot tried to trademark the name "sudoku".If I said, "I'd like y'all to try this puzzle where you fill in letters to make words in a grid based on a list of clues", that would have very limited effect until people could universally say "oh, you mean a CROSSWORD puzzle?"Get NexToy marketing to at least start referring to the puzzles as KenKen(R) CROSSNUMBER puzzles, or some generic that doesn't cause a legal fuss and maybe people would come around.One thing about SUDOKU is that everyone knows what type of puzzle it is, no matter by whom it is published or syndicated.

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