10 Easy Ways To Make Children Smarter

From breast feeding to video games, this top ten list breaks down a bunch of easy ways you can make your child smarter. There are no magic pills or programs involved, just simple, at-home tips for the average parent. As you can see, mind and brain games make their appearance on this list. Anything that gets your mind thinking, using logic, will enhance your learning capabilities.

1) Love and Self-Esteem Improve Academic Performance

2) Breast Fed Babies Are Smarter

3) Proper Nutrition Improve Health And Nerve Conduction

4) Exercise Benefits Intelligence And Personality

5) Proper Breakfast Improves Attention At School

6) Musical Training Improves IQ Into Adulthood

7) Some Video Games Enhance Mental Acuity

8) Mind Games Do More Than Entertain

9) Reading Improves Both Creativity And Logic

10) Nurturing Curiosity Creates An Open, Absorbent Mind

Read more about this article @ http://tinyurl.com/2e7prds


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