KenKen Classroom

KenKen has a program that focuses on the classroom, ie KenKen Classroom. This program provides teachers with weekly puzzles, age appropriate, to be distributed to their class. We also provide lesson plans each month that fit seamlessly into your day. Through testimonials, we know that teachers find this very helpful.

Because the academic year has come to an end, you will not immediately receive weekly KenKens. However, over the summer we will send you an example lesson plan, and a bunch of free puzzles to help keep your mind sharp!

To read more about this program, and to sign up, follow this link:

After talking with a principle from a NYC private school, we agreed that KenKens can be used to boost self-esteem in students. For a few months, this principle distributed 4×4 KenKens to his students. For the first couple of days, students learned how to go about solving the puzzles, understanding the logic, and began finishing them with little assistance in no time. Though some students may have been ready to move onto 5×5’s or even 6×6’s, the feelings of accomplishment when finishing a 4×4 in under a minute is unforgettable. These are the moments that make a student feel on top of the world, ready to attack any problem. That is the feeling that teachers strive for, a feeling that creates motivation to do better.

The following video clip is a short interview at the NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) conference:


Play kenkens at

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