Enhancing Brain Power through Mind Puzzles

KenKen, Crosswords, Sudoku, and other mind puzzles are all over the place, but why? Mind puzzles enhance your brain activity, and make you sharper in many ways.

Top reasons why KenKen, and other puzzles, are great for your brain.

1) They enhance your reasoning skills and help you focus on details.

2) Puzzles like KenKen teach you how to use deduction, eliminating wrong answers to find the correct one.

3) Keeps your logical abilities in tact.

4) Improve problem solving skills, a skill set that will be very important in years to come (depending on your age of coarse).

5) Playground for bragging rights. Beating a friend by a couple minutes on a 6×6 KenKen surely earns you a days worth of bragging.

6) Puzzles like Crosswords, and mechanically demanding problems, help you gain new knowledge in addition to the thrill of solving it.

7) Great tools for at-home teaching, or use as a review in the classroom.

8) Puzzles in general help generate faster thought processes. As you continue to play more puzzles, your mind gets sharper, and faster.

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