Beat These Times!

Benchmarks are always fun to look at, fastest times, longest fingernails, etc. etc. I put together a short list of benchmarks that I like to time myself against while playing KenKen

To make it interesting, time yourself against an eyebrow hair:

The world’s longest eyebrow hair currently recorded is 6 3/8 inches, grown by Brian Peterkin-Vertanesian. Converting a measurable length to a measurable amount of time is impossible, and arguably useless, but we will do our best for the sake of KenKen. Each inch converts to a minute, so each half-inch converts to 30 seconds, easiest conversion ever. So! (6 inches = 6 minutes) + ( 3/8 inch converting to 22.5 seconds) = 6 3/8 minutes, obviously. But, since it’s an eyebrow and the eyebrow is halfway down the face, you have to divide the time by 2, giving you 3 3/16 minutes (3 minutes 11.25 seconds). After reading this you have most likely lost a couple of useful brain cells, which you now have to make up. Can you beat a daily 7×7 KenKen in 6 3/8 inches?
Can you KenKen the time it takes:

To finish the fastest round of golf? 27 minutes and 9 seconds

– To Joey Chestnut to eat 68 hot dogs? 10 minutes

– A space shuttle to reach outer space? 9 minutes

– Sunlight to reach the Earth? 8 minutes and 20 seconds

– Wash your hands? 15 seconds

– Usain Bolt to run a 100 Meter Dash? 9.58 seconds

– To blink an eye? 350 milliseconds

Good luck yall,

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