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Shooting the bossman @ Nextoy LLC

So yesterday I got a package delivered to my house. I knew it would either be the Staples Easy Button, or my USB Missile Launcher. Thankfully, it was the missile launcher. Since the bossman, Mr. Fuhrer, loves toys and novelties, … Continue reading

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होमेस्चूल मैथ ब्लोग्स व्

I found the following blogs while searching around for good places for parents to learn about teaching math to their children. I would like to share with you a great site for parents: It is funny, informative and … Continue reading

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Great Intro to a 4×4 KenKen!

This video details one of the strategies of conquering a 4×4 KenKen Puzzle. Great utility for new and younger users. Enjoy!

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What cant math do?

Discover magazine has a top 100 stories list each year. These stories include new scientific breakthroughts, fun facts about math, and many other cool ways of relating these topics to daily life. This particular entry talks about how combining a … Continue reading

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How to KenKen

Many people get scared off from KenKens because of the initial shock of how “hard” the puzzles are. However, the smaller sized puzzles are actually much easier than Sudoku. Once you get over the slight learning curve, no one has … Continue reading

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Top ten math websites

Top 10 Math Websites!  The following have been voted the top 10 websites for helping kids/parents/teachers use math techniques. You can find kenken in many of them. Thanks to Sylvan Learning Center 1) This online community includes teachers, … Continue reading

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A Day at the Nextoy Office

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Pro’s and Con’s of HomeSchooling

Pros: Children are taught according to their learning styles and interests. Parents have more control over how and what their children are taught. Children can progress slowly or quickly, according to their abilities. Schedules revolve around family and allow time … Continue reading

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iPhone issues

Yellow screens, faulty reception, and slow upload speeds are just a few of the problems with the new iPhone 4. Early adopters to the new device may be unable to control their anger with Apple. For those iPhone users who … Continue reading

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Dan Sprouse Show on KenKen

The DS show does a hilarious episode on KenKen. Like it? Love it? Leave a comment!

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