iPhone issues

Yellow screens, faulty reception, and slow upload speeds are just a few of the problems with the new iPhone 4. Early adopters to the new device may be unable to control their anger with Apple. For those iPhone users who need to control their frustration, why not use the KenKen app from the iTunes store? KenKen can always take your attention away from external distractions. Once you’re concentrated on a KenKen puzzle, nothing can distract you, not even one bar in the upper-right hand corner of your cell phone.
There are three versions of KenKen in the App Store. There’s a free version to download so you can get a taste of KenKen. Then when you crave more puzzles, there are two premium versions. KenKen: Train Your Brain provides a ton of additional puzzles, and the KenKen Pro app provides even more and allows you to write in the numbers using hand gestures.
Apple is having a tough time coming up with a solution. They tried software updates, but it doesn’t seem to be working too well. Before you know it, they might even call for a recall. So, before your shiny, new iPhone needs to be sent back for repair, play as much KenKen while you can. When the time comes that you’re waiting for your iPhone to be repaired, if you have an older iPhone lying around, all the apps will work on that one too. Or, if you have an iPad, just double up the pixels and the game still looks crystal-clear.
So when you’re not video chatting with other disappointed iPhone 4 users on FaceTime, open up a KenKen app and you won’t even notice that your concerns for the iPhone issues have faded away.
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