Pro’s and Con’s of HomeSchooling


  • Children are taught according to their learning styles and interests.
  • Parents have more control over how and what their children are taught.
  • Children can progress slowly or quickly, according to their abilities.
  • Schedules revolve around family and allow time to bond with parents and siblings.
  • Flexible schedules allow time for breaks, field trips, vacations.
  • Curriculum for an entire year costs less than 1 month of private school tuition.
  • Parents can transmit their values to children and shelter them from negative influence


  • Parents must help children improve upon their weaknesses and not just cater to their strengths.
  • Parents take on sole responsibility for their children’s education.
  • Parents may feel inadequate to address the needs of gifted and special needs students.
  • Extended time with family can strain tense relationships or lead to burnout on the part of the teaching parent.
  • Family crises, illness and lax supervision by parents can interfere with learning.
  • Parents must purchase own materials and still pay public school taxes.
  • Parents must search for activities such as sports and music that are easily accessible at school.
  • Parents must give children increasing independence and a chance to learn to stand for their values.

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Do you agree with this? Any homeschoolers that would like to share their thoughts please do!

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