होमेस्चूल मैथ ब्लोग्स व्

I found the following blogs while searching around for good places for parents to learn about teaching math to their children.


I would like to share with you a great site for parents: http://www.TheMathMom.com It is funny, informative and captivating. Claiming that Life is a Puzzle and we can solve it with numbers, The Math Mom demonstrates how we all use mathematics daily when cooking, shopping, parenting, dating or managing our homes. TheMathMom.com contains stories, life puzzles and tips fr parents on presenting math to their kids as a toy, a tool and a friend. You can subscribe for a weekly newsletter.


This blog is very similar to TheMathMom. The author is a mother and a teacher, and does a great job combining her personal life with her helpful tips about teaching and math. She works for MathMammoth, a leading website for math curriculum.

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