Shooting the bossman @ Nextoy LLC

So yesterday I got a package delivered to my house. I knew it would either be the Staples Easy Button, or my USB Missile Launcher. Thankfully, it was the missile launcher. Since the bossman, Mr. Fuhrer, loves toys and novelties, I figured he would be ammused if he got hit with a missile.

I got to work early, set up the launcher, practiced the shot a million times, and set up the hidden camera. The whole plan worked out great, he couldnt see the missile launcher from his seat, couldnt see the camera, I was good to go. He hilariously walked in and starts talking about what we needed to do for the day, meanwhile I was taking careful aim at his face.

I took the shot, and missed slightly right, I dont know what happened. I took another shot and missed far left. After the second shot, which he saw fly past his face, he was onto me.

Tomorrow i’ll throw up the video.

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