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The World’s First KenKen Tournament

The world’s first KenKen Tournament took place in Westchester, New York this past October! There was an unbelievable turnout and everyone had a blast. Watch the video featuring all three rounds of action, the championship showdown, and commentary by New … Continue reading

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KenKen in Scholastic

So KenKen has finally made its way into one of the most prominant math education magazines in the U.S! Scholastic Math & DynaMath, two magazines that focus on developing the mathematical minds of young children, have begun to include KenKen … Continue reading

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Promoting KenKen to Squirelles!

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Shooting the bossman @ Nextoy LLC

So yesterday I got a package delivered to my house. I knew it would either be the Staples Easy Button, or my USB Missile Launcher. Thankfully, it was the missile launcher. Since the bossman, Mr. Fuhrer, loves toys and novelties, … Continue reading

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Great Intro to a 4×4 KenKen!

This video details one of the strategies of conquering a 4×4 KenKen Puzzle. Great utility for new and younger users. Enjoy!

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How to KenKen

Many people get scared off from KenKens because of the initial shock of how “hard” the puzzles are. However, the smaller sized puzzles are actually much easier than Sudoku. Once you get over the slight learning curve, no one has … Continue reading

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Top ten math websites

Top 10 Math Websites!  The following have been voted the top 10 websites for helping kids/parents/teachers use math techniques. You can find kenken in many of them. Thanks to Sylvan Learning Center 1) This online community includes teachers, … Continue reading

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Dan Sprouse Show on KenKen

The DS show does a hilarious episode on KenKen. Like it? Love it? Leave a comment!

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Beat These Times!

Benchmarks are always fun to look at, fastest times, longest fingernails, etc. etc. I put together a short list of benchmarks that I like to time myself against while playing KenKen To make it interesting, time yourself against an eyebrow … Continue reading

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KenKen Classroom

KenKen has a program that focuses on the classroom, ie KenKen Classroom. This program provides teachers with weekly puzzles, age appropriate, to be distributed to their class. We also provide lesson plans each month that fit seamlessly into your day. … Continue reading

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